Market Report 18 March 2019

Asian vegetables:  Short supply has resulted in firmer prices.

Avocado:  Hass season has ended.  Only green skins are available for the next few weeks. 

Bananas:  Prices are firm.

Beans (Green):  Prices have eased further.

Beans Butter / Yellow:  Available 5kg box sales only.

Beans Snake:  Available 5kg box sales only.

Broccoli:  Prices have started to ease.

Cabbage Red & Green:  Prices remain firm.

Cauliflower:  Prices are very expensive.

Celery:  Prices remain firm due to short supply.

Corn:  Prices have eased.

Eggplant:  Prices are very expensive.

Herbs: Dill, Chervil, Coriander, Lemon Thyme, Oregano & Sage:  Still available however, stock has been arriving sporadically to market and prices remain firm.

Iceberg lettuce:  Prices remain firm.  Shredded lettuce is still not available.

Lemons:  Prices are still expensive.

Lettuce Oak (Red & Green):  Prices have eased as supply has improved.

Mango:  This is the last week stock will be available from us as the season ends.

Pineapple:  Prices have started to firm.

Pomegranates:  Australian season has started however prices are still high.

Pumpkin Jap:  Prices have increased further. 

Radish bags:  Short supply. 

Rhubarb:  Prices have firmed due to short supply. 

Rockmelon:  Prices are firm. 

Tomato (All):  Prices are very expensive.  Heat has caused fruit to be softer than usual.

Tomato cherry bulk loose:  Short supply and more expensive than usual.

Silverbeet:  Prices remain firm due to short supply.

Snow Peas & Sugar snap Peas:  Good quality stock is in short supply as crops have been rain affected.

Strawberries:  Prices have eased slightly. 

Watermelon:  Prices are very expensive.

Now in Season:
Rambutans, Mangosteens, Dragon fruit, Starfruit, Quinces, Taro, Sugarloaf cabbage.
Imported:  Asparagus; Ruby Grapefruit; Oranges & Mandarin.

We have catering pack Free Range Eggs guaranteed to poach perfectly* now in stock.  *conditions apply

The Coastal Fresh ordering app is ready to be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.  Please call us to arrange a login and password.

If you would like to speak to a Sales rep, please call Mary-Anne on 0433 655 906 or Stephen on 0433 655 905

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