Market Report 12 November 2018

Asparagus:  Australian grown white & green asparagus are available.  The heat has caused prices to firm.

Avocado:  We have Australian avocado varieties in stock.

Banana:  Prices have eased.

Broccoli:  Prices have started to ease.

Beans:  We are using handpicked as the quality of the machine picked is not good.  Should you wish to use machine picked beans please pre-order them and we will purchase them specifically for you.

Capsicum (Red):  Prices have eased slightly.

Cauliflower:  Prices have eased.

Continental Cucumbers:  Prices have eased.

Corn:  Prices have started to firm.

Celery: Stock is from Victoria.

Figs:  Prices are firm, but the fruit are delicious.  Please pre-order as stock arrives Sunday & Wednesday.

Ginger:  Prices have firmed.

Herbs: Continental Parsley; Coriander & Dill:  The heat has resulted in firmer prices.

Honeydew:  Prices have started to firm.

Juicing apples & oranges:  Prices have started to firm.

Kiwi Fruit:  Prices have started to firm.

Lemons:  Prices are firm for mediums and very expensive for smalls.

Lettuce Cos:  Stock is from Victoria.

Limes:  Prices are very expensive due to a supply gap.

Mushrooms (Buttons, Cups & Field):  Yay mushrooms are affordable again!

Onion Brown:  Prices remain firm.

Passionfruit:  Prices are firm.

Pineapples:  Short supply has resulted in expensive prices.

Pomegranates:  Stock has arrived from USA.

Potato cocktail chats:  Short supply.  When available, prices are expensive.

Potatoes Large Washed & Chats:  Prices remain firm.

Rockmelon:  Prices have started to firm.

Snow Peas & Sugar Snap Peas:  Prices remain expensive.

Strawberries:  Prices remain firm.  We are currently using South Australian fruit.

Tomato cherry truss loose:  Prices have eased.

Watermelon:  Prices have started to firm.

Now in Season:
Peas, Mango, Broad beans, Apricots, Cherries, Peaches & nectarines.
Imported:  Grapes, Pomegranates and Dragon fruit, lychees, rambutans. 

Season Ending:   Globe Artichokes, Yellow & Purple cauliflowers

If you would like to speak to our Sales rep, please call Mary-Anne on 0433 655 906

What’s in season?

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