Market Report 14 January 2019

The recent heat has impacted the quality and availability of some crops.

Apples (Small Red Delicious & Granny Smith):  Prices are very expensive.

Asparagus:  Prices are very expensive.

Avocado:  Prices have firmed due to short supply which is expected to last for the next 3 weeks.   We are using WA crops.

Bananas:  Prices have started to firm.

Blueberries:  Good value for money.

Broccoli:  Prices have started to firm.

Capsicum Red:  Prices remain firm.

Cauliflower:  Heat has affected supply resulting in higher prices.

Celery:  Heat has affected supply resulting in higher prices.

Edible Flowers:  Heat has affected supply and as a result there is less stock available.

Figs:  We recommend using them now as they are good value for money. 

Herbs: Basil, Dill & Mint:  Still available however supply is shorter than usual.

Honeydew:  Prices are expensive, and fruit is smaller than usual.

Lemons:  Majority of stock is imported from USA with a small amount of local lemons.  Prices are very expensive for all sizes.

Lettuce Iceberg:  Heat has affected availability and prices have started to increase.

Lettuce Cos:  Heat has affected availability and prices are firm.

Mango:  Prices have started to increase.

Mandarin's:  Imported prices have increased.

Onions Brown & Red:  Prices have started to firm.

Oranges (Navel):  Imported from USA and are firm.

Parsnips:  Prices are expensive.

Paw Paw (Green):  Prices are very expensive.

Pears:  Prices are firm.

Pineapples:  Prices are firm.

Ruby Grapefruit:  Prices are very expensive stock is imported.

Now in Season:
Local: Mango, Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Nectarines, Plums. Lychees, Dragon fruit. Starfruit & blackberries.

Imported:  Asparagus; Pomegranates (USA); Lemons (USA); Ruby Grapefruit; Oranges & Mandarin.

If you would like to speak to a Sales rep, please call Mary-Anne on 0433 655 906 or Stephen on 0433 655 905

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