Market Report 20 May 2019

Avocado: Prices have eased. Hass are in stock.

Bananas:  Prices have eased.

Blackberries: Are available to order.

Blueberries:  Prices are firm.

Broccoli: Prices have firmed.

Cucumber (Lebanese): Prices have firmed.

Eggs: Our QLD Eggs are short resulting in expensive prices Due to NSW buyers depleting QLD stock.

Figs: Cooler weather resulting in expensive prices.

Grapes (Green): Prices are firm.

Leeks: Short supply. Prices are expensive.

Mandarins: Great buying!

Mushrooms:  Prices are firm.

Oranges: Navels are now in stock.

Parsnips:  Prices are firm.

Pineapple:  Prices have eased.

Rhubarb: Prices are firm.

Rockmelon: Prices are very expensive.

Tomato Medium: Prices have firmed.

Tomato (Roma):  Prices are very expensive.

Strawberries:  New season QLD fruit. Prices are firm.

Squash (Yellow): Short supply. Prices are very expensive.

Watermelon: Prices have eased.

Zucchinis: Prices have firmed.


Now in Season:
Buddhas Hand, Guavas, Custard Apples, Finger Limes, Feijoa, Tamarillos, Fresh Almonds, Spring Onions, Walnuts, Olives black and green (1-2 weeks to go).
Imported:  Cherries (USA).

Please remember that our night time order cut off time is 11pm.

The Coastal Fresh ordering app is ready to be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store.  Please call us to arrange a login and password.

If you would like to speak to a Sales rep please call:

Mary-Anne on 0433 655 906

Stephen on 0433 655 905

Marc on 0447292823

What’s in season?

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